Qetes 6Deploy adds Internet security service to ipv6 platform

Qetes IPv6 platform has been in the market for quite some time now. One gets access to a home telephone line without additional charges for landline voice service. Despite the price drop in phone services, Qetes still adds value to people in need of an extra phone line other than their mobile phones.

Offering home phone service in itself is not sustainable as noticed by this company. The company ought to offer other services in order to remain relevant and popular to their clients. This has made them to start offering internet security as part of this initiative.

Qetes internet security is cloud based. It ensures all computing devices on a home network are protected. It works by connecting the Qetes 6Deploy device to the client’s broadband. This makes the device able to monitor all the internet traffic from the house. In conjunction with an enterprise security company Zscaler, they are able to scan a database of known threats in order to determine whether a site is safe or not. If an unsafe site is identified, the traffic is redirected to make the client aware that the site they are trying to access may be harmful to their device.

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Norton Users have the choice to use norton coupon to buy the protection. The software has the feature of protecting family devices all with one product.

It also has the parental control feature that works in a similar way. The client can completely block bad sites such as gambling and pornographic so that they cannot be accessed totally. More to that the client can manually create their own blacklist or white list from the Qetes portal. Once an identified site is blocked, the other users can still request for access. This request sends an email to the main user such as a parent who may or may not approve access. For the case of adults who might want to access the blocked sites, there is a manual override option through a password that frees up the bad traffic.

At this time, individual profiles or scan by device functions as seen in other routers are not available on our platform. This is because the Qetes sits on the front part of the router and not behind it. However, this can be considered and the future releases can most likely have that option.

This service is available for the Qetes 6Deploy clients in the US and Canada. The prices will come with an additional 5.99 dollars per month for the basic customers. The premier customers can add the internet service for 4.99 dollars a month.

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