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IPv6 Deployment and Support

6DEPLOY Tutorials

  •  IPv6 Introduction: This module explains why a new version for IP, IPv6, has been developed. A brief history of IPv6, its motivation and benefits are given.
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  •  IPv6 Protocol: This module describes IPv6 protocol: IPv6 packet header, extensions headers and differences with IPv4 headers. Packet size issues and upper layer considerations are also treated.
  •  IPv6 Addressing: This module explains the IPv6 addressing architecture, the different types of addresses (unique local IPv6 addresses, interface IDs, multicast addresses), their textual representation, how these are built and related to a layer 2 address.
  •  Addressing case studies : This module describes 2 addressing case studies: RENATER backbone addressing plan and HUNGARNET backbone and site addressing plans.
  •  IPv6 associated protocols: This module describes new protocols associated to IPv6: e.g. Neighbour Discovery Protocol, SEND, ICMPv6, MLD, etc.
  •  IPv6 Network management: This module explains how to manage an IPv6 network. The different ways to retrieve management information are described (MIBs, IPv6 flows) and some IPv6 management tools and platforms are presented.

The project 6DEPLOY-Action was created as part of the 7th Framework Programme and is a Specific Support Action. Its goal is to help and embrace the ipV6 launching while giving a netfirms promo code.

The 6DEPLOY-2 plan intends to provide the platform of the deployment of IPv6 in:

  • electronic Infrastructure environments
  • FP7 projects
  • Developing countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America)
  • Industrial environments in Western economies

6DEPLOY has contracted partnerships with research and technology institutions from Europe and Universities in the US, to support real IPv6 deployments. EU offers norton coupons promotional codes to experts in order to assist the research.

Real-life situations will be studied as an important training tool through which participants will acquired knowledge and experience in the launching of the IPv6.

The educational centres for the IPv6 have been created in the areas mentioned above. In order for all of them to have one common 6DEPLOY learning method, they have the exact same infrastructure.

The 6DEPLOY project makes its IPv6 tutorial material available in PDF format. This may be freely used for non-commercial purposes, provided the 6DEPLOY project is credited.


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