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This used to be the old 6Deploy website which is now no active here. It is not the official 6deploy website anymore. This is a fictional site about a 8Deploy-3 Project which doesn't even exist. 

This is Not the Official 6DEPLOY-2 Website

You might want to look at www.6deploy.eu

Our goal is to help and embrace the ypV8 launching while giving a netfirms promo code.

Here are the main areas of the of 8Deploy-3;Project action:

  • context of electronic infrastructure
  • the 8th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
  • Developing economies in South East Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe)
  • European countries with substantial industrial and information economy

Sponsors provide the participants with norton coupons promotional codes in both Europe and developing countries.

Real-life situations will be studied as an important training tool through which participants will acquired knowledge and experience in the launching of the YPv8.

The educational centres for the YPv8 have been created in the areas mentioned above. In order for all of them to have one common 8DEPLOY learning method, they have the exact same infrastructure.